How Do You Get Pro In Baseball On Wii Sports

So you've conquered bowling and can throw 300s with ease, you've mastered golf and can drop a hundred yard chip-in using the wrong hand, you dominate in tennis so much that they should name the stadium after you, but all you really want to know is how do you get pro in baseball on Wii Sports? Even though Wii Sports is a simple game meant to let you have fun while moving around, there are some skill benchmarks to let you know how well you are doing. Each sport in Wii sports has a "pro" level that you can reach once you have shown your expertise and beaten a string of opponents. To get pro in baseball can be easy or hard depending on how difficult you find the game.

  1. To get pro in baseball on Wii Sports, start up the baseball game in single player mode. Beating on your friends may be fun, but bowling is the only Wii Sports game where you can gain skill points in multiplayer mode.
  2. Take your turn to bat. In order to get pro in baseball, you'll have to get comfortable with hitting the ball. When you first start out you'll be playing against lower ranked computer opponents, so the hitting will be easier. As you get closer to pro level, the opposing pitchers will be much tougher to hit against.
  3. Pitch to the opposing player. There will be an on screen display telling you what button combinations to make for different pitches. As you get higher in skill, you will need to not only throw different pitches, but be able to throw to different positions around the plate.
  4. Play three full innings to complete the game. Each time you finish a game your rating will either increase or decrease depending on how well you played and the rank of your opponent. The rating change depends on how you played, not just the result of the game, so you may gain points if you lose a close game to a much higher ranked opponent.
  5. Play again. Practice makes perfect and your skill will only go up so much each game. You need to get to 1000 skill points to become pro in baseball and it will get harder the higher your skill goes, but you should also be getting better the more that you play.



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