How Do You Get To Staunton Island In GTA 3?

When you start wondering just how do you get to Staunton Island in GTA 3, you've progressed far in the game, but have hit a wall. Look how much of the map you can traverse, yet Staunton Island remains elusively just out of your grasp. Rockstar totally did that on purpose to keep the story moving and to help boost your criminal career. So relax. Just keep killing, maiming, looting, stealing and clawing your way through the plot.

  1. The Rockstar way. The easiest and hassle free way to get to Staunton Island in GTA 3 is to plow through the game missions. This is actually not too time consuming because after you complete the Portland Island missions, you're pretty much done.
  2. Finish your business on Portland Island. While you may grow impatient, you can start to relax when you start doing Salvatore Leone missions. His story line signifies that you're about to figure out how to get to Staunton Island. Basically, there'll be some double crossing, some mischief and after the sixth mission the game will open up quite a bit. When you start the mission 'The Plan', Maria will tell you Salvatore Leone thinks you're a rat and then she'll introduce you to Asuka. Asuka tells you to hide out from the Mafia in safehouse he has set up for you. This means the Porter Tunnel between Portland Island and Staunton Island will be open to you.
  3. Whacky way one. Naturally players enjoy tweaking the game, and many have wondered how to get to Staunton Island in GTA 3 without completing the missions. There are two successful, yet incredibly difficult ways to pull this off. The first involves using the subway entrance near the Triad gang to get over to Staunton Island. There's a ramp for doing jumps here. Find it, save your game, and slowly drive a four-door sedan like a Taxi cab off the ramp. After about a million tries, you will slide between the gap and land in the subway station. Now you can take a train or drive to Staunton Island.
  4. Whacky way two. Another sneaky way to get to Staunton Island in GTA 3 is to jump the bridge that has been bombed and is under repair. Save the game first, because you will be trying this over and over. Get an ambulance and jump the barricades that block the damaged bridge. When you manage that crazy stunt, save again. Now look for a long piece of metal that sticks out on the other side. You can just barely make this jump if you're super lucky and climb up to the other side which is Staunton Island. It's a long jump though, so make sure your health is 100% full.
  5. Tips on the whacky ways. The whacky ways are nearly impossible to pull off. While players have boasted that they pulled them off on consoles like the Playstation 2, you'll have better luck pulling them off on a PC.
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