How Do You Get On TV Shows?

Do you have a dream of finding out how to get on TV shows? In some ways it's actually not as difficult as you might think. It really depends on where you live and how far you are willing to drive. It depends on a few factors.

Some tips to getting on TV:

  1. Talent. Work as an extra or actor A lot of shows need extras for backgrounds to look more realistic to the scene.
  2. Well known actor/modeling sources. Look at very well known sites that lists ads for talent. This is a huge resource for potential actors and models and has listings all over the country.
  3. Hollywood resources. It helps to be in a major network area where TV shows and movies are filmed on a regular basis. But because of the resource above, you have other options for getting on TV shows even if you are not in a larger state.
  4. Send in your work. Video tape a skit or solo performance of yourself and send it to a casting call. If they are impressed enough they will find a way to get you on their TV show. At least one very well known actress got her start this way.
  5. Other popular online resources. Film yourself on popular video sites. Tape little videos and not only could you become one of the most watched videos, an agent could be impressed enough to put you on a TV show. A lot of people do this too.

Go for it. Don't be afraid to dream. You have to decide how much you're going to chase your dream of being on TV shows.  Follow your heart while trying to be realistic about the odds of you getting on TV shows.

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