How Do You Get Up In Wii Sports Boxing

How Do You Get Up in Wii Sports Boxing?

Tips for how to get up in Wii Sports Boxing are akin to old wives’ tales. Everyone seems to have a home-grown remedy that may or may not actually work. Here are some of the more common solutions.

  1. Smash the buttons. No one seems to have found the magic button that helps you get up in Wii Sports Boxing. Most suggest that you just punch as many as you can, as fast as you can.
  2. Shake the controllers. This seems to be the most popular way to try to get up in Wii Sports Boxing. There are many variations on this theme. These include: shaking the controllers wildly, moving the controller with a rapid upward curve which urges your character to “Get up!”, moving the controllers in a drumming motion, moving the controllers in rapid circles, and moving the controllers with an alternating jabbing motion.
  3. Do nothing. Many suggest the stand and wait approach is the only way to get up in Wii Sports Boxing. This fatalistic attitude may actually be the most practical, but mashing and shaking at least make you FEEL like you’re doing something.
  4. Don’t get hit. More than one person suggested that the only path to getting up in Wii Sports Boxing is not falling down. Very Zen, if not very helpful.

So, do any of the more proactive ideas actually work? Is there really a right way to push or wiggle the controllers that will always help you get up in  Wii Sports Boxing? Slip into those virtual gloves and give them a try. At worst you will have something to do while you’re waiting for the final bell.

Good luck!



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