How Do You Install Dawn Of War Gold Edition?

"How do you install Dawn of War gold edition?" is a fairly popular question. Dawn of War used to cause havoc for Windows Vista user up until about 2008. If you are still having issues installing Dawn of War on your computer, this article aims to assist you over this hurdle. The technical solution presented in this article is common blog news, so you can confirm if you like. The bug that caused these issues with the installation of Dawn of War were restricted to Windows Vista and some conflicts with the Service pack 2 release.

What you will need for the installation:

  • Dawn of War gold edition
  • Computer
  • A little computer savvy
  1. Dawn of War gold edition came with Dawn of War and Winter Assault. Generally the error would occur during the Winter Assualt expansion installation process. This can be very frustrating as the error is considered fatal and will prohibit installation from continuing.
  2. When initiating the installation, the program recognizes files already set-up and believes there is a conflict. To resolve this, delete all instances of Dawn of War from your computer. This is done by ‘searching’../Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War and deleting the file. Secondly, run Registry (Start Menu > Run > "regedit" ) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/THQ/Dawn of War and remove this key.
  3. There is no harm to the system. You will be removing all instances of Dawn of War that cause conflict in Vista. Since the inception of this error, THQ has implemented modification to its software. If you purchase a copy of Dawn of War and have an issue downloading the software, go to to download the latest patches.
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