How Do You Install Sony CDX-1000RF CD Player

Need to know how do you install Sony CDX-1000RD CD Player? Installing a Sony CDX-1000RF CD Player is a small project that most people can do. It is the same process as installing most Car CD Players. The instructions may be different for some foreign vehicles. Follow these steps to install the unit.

What you will need:

  • All supplied parts
  • Screwdriver
  • Documentation for your car to disassemble the dash area.

To Install Sony CDX-1000RD CD Player

  1. Remove the battery cables from your car battery to the car electronics. This will decrease the risk of electrocution, as well as help avoid damaging the CD player or electronics.
  2. Following the directions for your car model, remove the existing player if there is one. Remove the dash panels surrounding the center console where the CD player will be installed.
  3. Remove the supporting screws. Use a removal tool if you have one to release spring mounts if the unit has them.
  4. Remove the audio and power wires. Make a note of which cables are to be attached to the inputs and which connect to the speakers.
  5. Insert the new Sony mounting bracket in the stereo enclosure. Use screws to attach the bracket on each side.
  6. Attach the audio and power cables to the new CD player. Slide the player into the mounting bracket.
  7. Attach the mounting frame around the outside of the unit. Use the supplied "L" bracket to attach the back of the unit to the edge of the car fire wall.
  8. Replace the surrounding dash panels with screws or clips. Reconnect the car battery. Test the CD player from a parked position.



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