How Do You Know You Are In Love?

How do you know you are in love ? It is a question as old as time and it doesn't get any easier to answer as the years go by. Many men mistakenly think they are in love when they are actually feeling lust. Ideally if you find a hot enough women you can experience love and lust at the same time and the emotions become inextricable. Love doesn't usually occur right away like in the movies, but for people who feel that they have found the right companion, it is time for them to ask themselves how do they know if they are in love ?

  1. Who do you dream about. You may spend all day with your girlfriend or you may see her intermittently because of work commitments but when you fall asleep your subconscious lets you know how you truly feel. If you dream about your girlfriend on a regular basis then you are probably in love with her as long as the dreams don't involve her causing harm to you. If your dreams about your hot co-worker outweigh the number of dreams you have about your girlfriend then she may not be the one. You will know you are in love when she is the star of your dreams and not just an extra. 
  2. Determine where she ranks in your gossip hierarchy. OK so you are at work and someone slips on a banana skin, his pants fall down and the boss walks in. Everyone laughs but who is the first person that you want to tell ? If you find out that you are going to get a promotion or win the lottery who would you think to call first? Your girlfriend or your best buddy ? If you want to know if you are in love, just think about who you call first with the latest news. 
  3. Can you see yourself with her forever? You may like her now and she may look good because she has been working out and spent all weekend on the sun bed how do you know if you are in love or if you are just taken with her current look ? Try to picture yourself 30 pounds heavier with three kids and your girlfriend wearing an old jogging suit. Try to picture her with wrinkles, gray hair and a walker. If you are still feeling warm and fuzzy then you may be in love.
  4. Ask her how she feels. Does the girl you are dreaming about and picturing yourself in old age with, feel he same way about you ? Do you know that you are in love or is it all a fantasy ? Ask the girl of your dreams how she feels about you. If you both have mutual feelings then it may indeed be love. If on the other hand she calls you a creep and calls the cops any time you go near her, then it is an infatuation and you are just a stalker.
  5. How long can you stand to be apart ? If the answer to that is "not very long," then you may be in love. People who are truly in love cannot concentrate on anything when they are apart and many get depressed when their loved one is not around. If you find your mind wandering to her when you are talking to clients at work then you are probably in love. The ultimate way to know if you are in love is to go out to a club and surround yourself with hot women, if your girlfriend remains at the forefront of your mind, you must be in love. 



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