How Do You Make Land Tribal Land For A Casino

How do you make land tribal land for a casino. Gaming and casinos attract gamblers. Some folks figure setting up a casino is a good way to guarantee a yearly income: Just arrange for a company to lease land and build a casino. The only thing left to do is to sit back and collect money. Sounds easy, right? It's not. Opening a casino has a hitch. There are three basic locations for casinos; gaming cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City; Native American reservation or tribal lands; or a floating boat, preferably a few miles into international waters. Each of these locations circumvents traditional gaming laws. Making land tribal land for a casino involves a number of key essentials, including:

  • cash or financing
  • your own legal eagle or a hired legal gun
  • business finesse
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • knowledge of Native American customs, traditions and business practices
  1. Do general research. Native American nations with special recognition by the U.S. federal government are recognized as sovereign nations. That means the group makes and enforces laws on the land. It also means that the sovereign Native American nations can allow casinos on nation-owned lands. It doesn't matter that the state and local governments have laws against gaming. If the tribe wants gaming, gambling is allowed. If you want to make a deal with a Native American group to put a casino on tribal land, then you'll need to do major, in-depth research. If you intend on buying land adjacent to the reservation lands and putting up a casino calling it tribal lands, then you'll need to research land for sale next to Native American sovereign lands.
  2. Identify a Native American group. This is a tough step. You'll need to do detailed research to locate Native American nations with sovereign status who also approve casinos, but don't yet have a casino. Not an easy task. 
  3. Do specific research. Get down to making contacts and calling folks in charge on the reservations or sovereign lands. 
  4. Prospect. The link here for how do you make land tribal land for a casino involves locating the land adjacent to the Native lands. Expect to pay premium prices because odds are that the person buying the land had the same idea you've had. The land owner now expects to make some bucks on the investment. 
  5. Work out an agreement for land. Do a property search in the area where the land is located to determine previous sales in the last six months to a year. Brace yourself for the next step. Ask what the property is worth to the owner. This may be a huge surprise, especially if the seller is hip to your plan. Odds are that the owner had the same idea you did and the price for the land reflects the potential. 
  6. Work out an agreement for the casino. Once you own the land, more negotiations need to be done with the tribal council or elders to work out a casino deal. Expect to take time to do this, particularly with groups who use consensus agreement to make decisions. Some groups have yet to electrify parts of tribal lands because the group is still deciding on a policy that meets the standards of all participants. Be patient and work for an equitable agreement. Hire a legal eagle to put together paperwork and agreements. 
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