How Do You Make The U.S. Soccer Team?

You have a great career going in soccer, but how do you make the U.S. soccer team? The United States Men's National Soccer Team, colloquially known as the U.S. soccer team, competes for the U.S.A. in any international association football competition. The U.S. soccer team has qualified for nine FIFA world cups since 1930. Although a newcomer to the national soccer scene, the team has definitely sparked American interest in the sport as of late.

You make the U.S. soccer team by being prepared. Have the following beforehand:

  • Soccer cleats
  • Knee-high socks
  • Uniform and workout gear
  • Soccer buddies
  • Shin guards
  1. First, learn soccer. Association football, or soccer, is an engaging sports that (literally) has people going crazy. Catch up on many of the soccer matches in South America, M.L.S. and other European leagues to stay on top of things. Have a friend or two who love to watch the games with you and play matches afterwards. This can be very constructive, leading to a future in the U.S. soccer team quite possibly.
  2. Join a club! No, not Student Government, we are talking about an F.C. (or "Football Club"). There are many soccer leagues around the city, each with teams that are always holding some sort of try-outs. Again, you must learn soccer prior to this, and don't expect the U.S. soccer team to just come knocking on your door. Train and get fit for your new role as a club soccer player!
  3. Get scouted onto an MLS team. MLS (or Major League Soccer) is the premier top-tier association soccer organization in the United States. Playing for the MLS is easy; getting scouted, however, is a bit more tricky. Your club coach will probably have some connections with scouts in the area. Don't be afraid to "move up" to more premier clubs and leagues prior to joining the MLS. Ask a scout to come, well, "scout" you on your next game. Be prepared to showcase some serious teamwork, dedication and effort!
  4. Be promoted to the U.S. soccer team. So, you're finally getting paid for all that hard work? Well, it's not over yet. You make the U.S. soccer team through time, and it will take some serious talent showcasing to convince the national scouts to think you're top dollar. Workouts need to be every week day, running needs to be done every day, and playing around with the ball should be commonplace for you. Luckily, scouts are always watching the MLS to see who they should take with them to the international stage.

It's not an easy road to make it to the U.S. soccer team. Heck, when you make the U.S. soccer team there has got to be no other greater feeling of accomplishment. Still, it is important to never let it go to your head, no matter how high you get; there is always someone reading this article too, coveting your spot on the team.

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