How Do You Make Your Cheeks Smaller

Are you trying to find out how to make your cheeks smaller? Chubby cheeks are adorable on a little boy. But when you are an adult, not so cute. An overall round face giving the look of chubby cheeks may be hereditary for you. Certain medications have side effects that make cheeks and other parts of the body a bit chubbier. But there is a way to at least try and make your cheeks a little smaller.

  1. Good old cardio. Hate to say it, but good old fashioned cardio and exercise is key. You don't have to jump into exercising cold turkey to make your cheeks smaller. Start going for walks or jogs a few times a week for about 45 minutes. Consider looking at your diet too, but cardio is going to be the main thing to help make your cheeks smaller. You won't notice your cheeks getting smaller right away.
  2. Lower your body fat. It depends on your body as to where any fat will start to come off first. Your cheeks could actually be the last to get smaller. Give the jogging or walking a week or two and make note of any differences in your body or even your cheeks. Now, if it's not just about lowering body fat, you'll have to work out specific goals to get your cheeks smaller and any other parts of your body that you are frustrated with.

Is medication to blame? If prescription medicine is a part why you don't have smaller cheeks, or smaller areas of your body definitely talk to your doctor about how to try cardio or even try switching to another medication that doesn't include gaining fat in the cheeks. Your doctor will likely work with you if getting smaller cheeks is really important to you.

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