How Do You Operate A Manual Tire Changer?

Often people ask “How do you operate a manual tire changer?” Possessing this knowledge can save money by learning how to remove and replace tires from the rim. Manual tire changers are inexpensive (around $100 and up) and can be operated in a home’s garage. In order to use this piece of equipment safely, it is important to follow instructions accurately and completely.

  1. Follow the instruction manual to assemble the manual tire changer.
  2. Bolt the manual tire changer on the concrete or mount it on a sturdy piece of wood for mobility.
  3. Remove the tires air valve with a small screwdriver or a special tool specifically for that job.
  4. Take the tire off the rim by either mounting the tire or placing it in front of the tool on the manual tire changer. Use the tire changer to push the tire loose from the rim at four different places on the tire.
  5. Flip the tire over and repeat.
  6. Place the tire on top of the manual tire changer and use the tool, there should be two one for removing and one for adding a tire, to pull the tire off the rim.
  7. Place the new tire on top of the rim and us the tool to place the tire onto the rim.

Using tire lubricant is a good idea when removing and adding a tire to a rim with the manual tire changer. Practice safety when operating a manual tire changer,. Improper usage of the manual tire changer can result in both damage to the vehicle and to the the individual operating the device.


Operation Instructions

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