How Do You Pleasure A Girl When She’s On Her Period?

How do you pleasure a girl when she's on her period? It's not as difficult as it may at first seem. Women are emotional creatures and during the menstrual cycle, their hormones are raging more than ever creating a more emotional state. Use this to your advantage.

  1. Break out the box of chocolate. During a woman's menstrual cycle, chocolate is often a substitute for sex or a "loved" feeling. Incorporate this magnificent food into pleasuring a girl when she's on her period. Purchase a box of various types of chocolate. Sample boxes are available at grocery and retail outlets, or go a bit farther and purchase a fancy box from a chocolateer. Get comfortable on a bed or other soft spot and present the box to your lover. Feed the lady the pieces one by one slowly along with sexy talk concerning how sexy the situation is. Accompany the chocolate with wine.
  2. Speak words of love and desire. When pleasuring a girl when she's on her period, words are powerful tools. Women view sex through emotions. Words letting her know how desirable she is bring erotic pleasure at any time.
  3. Tantalize the ears and neck. For pleasuring a girl when she's on her period, focus on the upper erotic zones of the ears and neck. Lick, kiss and gently touch with the finger tips the edge of the ears and the upper neck. These areas can bring intense pleasure and fill a need for attention felt by a woman during her cycle.
  4. Stimulate the breasts. The breasts and nipples of a woman are sexual organs. Just as the sight of them for a male is a turn-on, the touch of a males fingers and tongue are a turn-on for the female. For pleasuring a girl when she's on her period, caress, kiss and suck on the nipples and breasts until your partner asks you to stop.
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