How Do You Pop Up A Palomino Colt Tent Camper?

How do you pop up a Palomino Colt tent camper? That’s a question you want to ask before setting out on a camping trip. The Palomino Company made their products luxurious, lightweight and easy for anyone to set up. Yet, there are steps to follow so your camping experience will be perfect.

To set up your tent camper, you will need:

  • Palomino Colt tent camper
  • A level camping spot- dry ground highly preferred
  1. Unhitch the tow vehicle, set up the trailer jack and stabilizers. Once the tow vehicle has been removed from the camper, the trailer jack can be lowered and the stabilizers put in place. Unfold the trailer jack handle and crank it until the wheel touches the ground. At the rear end of the trailer, insert the trailer's crank arm, the same on which will be used to raise the sides, and crank until the stabilizers unfold and lower to touch the ground. The trailer may have a level with a bubble mounted on the side wall—use this to adjust the stabilizers and trailer jack until the trailer is level.
  2. Unlock the tent camper’s top clamps. Reach into the clamp and pull up. It should unlock with ease. With the clamps off, insert the cranking arm into the insert and crank up the top. It’ll stop itself.
  3. Set up the awning poles and the awning. If your Palomino Colt does not have this option, skip this step. The awning will hang over the door until it is set up. Having shade while you’re working is a good thing. Insert the ends of the poles into the corners of the awning rail. Insert the side awning rails into the side corners of the awning rail, and stretch the awning over the top. Secure the awning to the poles.  
  4. Slide out the beds, set the securing rods, and secure the bed covers. If the beds are locked in place, unlock them. Pull on each side until the bed slides out completely. Secure the bed support poles to their places under the bed and attach to the side of the camper. Attach the tent covering using the hook and loop attachments. Secure all snaps in place and secure the bungee cords underneath the bed that will keep the tent from blowing off in the wind.
  5. Set up and secure the screen door.  Unfold the screen door and lock the center pieces. Attach the hinges in place. Open and close to make sure it works properly. It feels like a real camper coming together now, with a locking door and everything. Take a break, or continue with the last few steps.
  6. Set up the dining table and kitchen area. Just lift the table, fold out the legs and set in place. Take the covers off the stove and sink. Turn on the refrigerator and you’re camper is almost set. If you brought a television with you, now is the time to set it up just right for the game or movie.
  7. Plug in the external attachments. If you’re at an RV park or a campsite with power, plug in the 110-volt cord. Attach the water hose and if your camper is so equipped, get the toilet set up. Turn on the propane tanks for cooking or using the furnace, and if you have solar panels, get them adjusted so your Palomino camper batteries can charge for free.
  8. Last step—double check your setup. You’ve taken the time to set up your Palomino tent camper carefully. A storm blowing the cover flaps off your bed will make your trip memorable. Double-check all hook-and-loop attachments, bungee cords, snaps, etc.
  9. Relax, have a cold one and enjoy your camping experience. You’ve successfully set up your tent camper by yourself and impressed anyone with you. You look like a genius—you just don’t have to tell anyone it isn’t hard at all.

Palomino tent campers, or pop-up campers as they are also known, are lightweight, easy to tow and fun to use. Since they fold down compactly, no special wide mirrors are needed. Most SUVs and pickups can tow them easily. Best of all, they’re far more affordable than the behemoth motor homes.

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