How Do You Prepare A Horned Melon From New Zealand?

If you are into exotic fruits, you'll want to know how to prepare a horned melon from New Zealand? A Horned Melon from New Zealand is known as a Kiwano, and the Horned Melon is orange in color when it is ripe and ready to eat. The reason the Horned Melon is called as such is because the Horned Melon is covered with spiky protrusions. The Horned Melon can be used for decoration as well as eating, and the Horned Melon keeps for approximately two months. The Horned Melon's flavor resembles that of a Cucumber that has edible seeds, and the Horner Melon has a jelly consistency center. To prepare the Horned Melon to eat simply follow these easy instructions for different methods on how to eat the Horned Melon.

Items Needed

  • Horned Melon
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  1. First you want to make sure that the Horned Melon you choose is nice and ripe. A ripe Horned Melon will be a golden orange color with no bruising or cuts in the rind.
  2. Using a knife cut open the Horned Melon horizontally or vertically. You can use a spoon to scoop out and eat the jelly inside along with the seeds.
  3. You can also slice the melon lengthwise into strips and eat the Horned Melon as would a Watermelon or Canteloupe.
  4. If you are having a dinner party and want to make something fancy out of the Horned Melon you can use the Horned Melon like a dish. To do this cut the Horned Melon in half and scoop out the jelly center with a spoon making two bowls. You can add ice cream to each bowl and then top it off with the Horned Melon seeds or jelly.
  5. Using the same method in step five you can also mix the Horned Melon with some fresh Banana or Pineapple making a sorbet and serve that within the Horned Melon bowls.
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