How Do You Put Logos On Golf Balls?

How do you put logos on golf balls? If you can put logos on your golf balls, you can customize your game. Imagine strolling around the green with your own personalized set of golf balls; no more confusion over whose ball is whose if they land close together! Plus, if you're advertising a business or some other organization, printing a logo on golf balls and handing them out is an effective campaign. So how do you put logos on golf balls? It's simply a matter of creating the right logo, formatting it the right way, and then choosing the right golf ball supplier to produce them for you. Putting logos on by hand is tricky; there aren't many methods short of hand-painting every ball to get the same logo on all of them, and even then, unless you coat them with something the logo will chip off with wear. On top of that, putting logos onto hundreds or thousands of golf balls is a daunting task—better to leave it to the pros on this one.

  1. Choose or create your logo. The logo is the most important part of a custom golf ball—it's what makes it different than everybody else's golf balls. To make your logo look great, be sure it represents you, and most important of all, make sure that it still looks good when sized down to about half an inch tall. Your logo may contain text, but again, make sure it's readable when sized town very small; choose a clean font. Text should be part of the image.
  2. Format your logo file right. The print version may be tiny, but your computer file of the logo shouldn't be—in fact, if the image is large, the printed logo will look crisp and clean. If your logo file's quality is poor, the company may have to retouch it themselves to make it printable, and often you will be charged an extra fee for this service. To ensure a great logo file, save in either .eps, .ai or .jpeg file format, at around 1000 x 1000 pixels in size, and keep the number of colors down to four or less, including black.
  3. Choose your golf ball supplier. There are dozens of companies that will create customized golf balls for you; finding one online is your best bet, unless you happen to have a golf ball supplier in your home town.
  4. Choose your golf balls. Golf ball companies are used to their buyers being seasoned golfers; they can print your logo onto all of the top brands of ball. You'll have to weigh quantity versus quality—depending on the brand, golf ball logo prices can vary greatly, ranging anywhere from $19.99 to $49.99 for twelve balls.
  5. Make your order. The company will need to review your logo and approve it for printing; they do this because if it has too many colors or the file you sent is too low of quality, the quality of the finished logo on the golf balls will suffer, and naturally the company wants you to leave a satisfied customer.
  6. Wait for your custom logo golf balls to arrive. After your art is approved, most companies have a speedy turnaround time for printing and shipping you the logo golf balls; expect them on your doorstep within three weeks.
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