How Do You Put TV Shows On iPod Nano?

If you know how to put TV shows on your iPod Nano, you can watch your favorite shows even if your Television is spoken for. The Nano plays any video from the iTunes store, and many more shows can be converted to play on the device. The Nano's internal storage has room for a whole season of televised content.

You will need:

  • iTunes
  • iPod Nano
  • iPod USB connector
  1. Find a TV show. TV shows are available for sale on iTunes, or can be purchased and downloaded from their individual networks. Save the video file to your computer.
  2. Place the show in iTunes. If you purchased the show from the iTunes store, it will already be in iTunes under the "TV Shows" tab. Otherwise, open iTunes and press "Ctl + O." Browse to the show's video file and click "Open." The file will be added to the "Movies" tab of your library.
  3. Convert the show. You iPod Nano plays MP4 format videos, and is not compatible with other formats. Shows purchased from iTunes are already in the proper format, but shows from other sources may need conversion. If your video is not in MP4 format, select it in iTunes and choose "Create iPod or iPhone Version" in the "Advanced" menu.
  4. Synch your iPod Nano. Plug the iPod Nano into your computer. If the iPod is set to synch automatically, the show will transfer to the iPod. If you manually update your iPod, drag the video file from the "Movies" or "TV Shows" section to the iPod icon in the left pane of iTunes. Wait for the transfer to finish and eject your iPod.

TV Shows are located in the same menu on your iPod that they occupied in iTunes, either "TV Shows" or "Movies," and can be organized into playlists just like music.


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