How Do You Repair A Philips Magnavox Big Screen TV?

The answer to “How Do You Repair a Philips Magnavox Big Screen TV?” is best answered with another question: “When’s the last time you saw a TV repairman in your neighborhood?”   

More specifically, understand that:

  1. Modern home electronics are complicated. The days of seeing a TV repairman making a service call in your neighborhood are all but over. And this is due to the fact that devices currently populating most homes (such as a Philips Magnavox Big Screen TV) are quite complex. In other words, such home entertainment units usually require more these days than simply pulling a tube from a repair kit and using it to replace a faulty one when affecting a repair. Most such devices operate (for the most part) through computer chips, circuit boards, motherboards and other components that can’t usually be fixed by the mere turning of a screw. So to expect that with no previous training in assembling and/or repairing such a device you can cure its ills is simply delusional. This being said, its important to understand that if a piece of home electronics such as a Philips Magnavox Big Screen TV develops profound problems, you should prepare yourself for the worst; the worst being expensive repair service charges or a need to simply replace the damaged piece of equipment.
  2. Sometimes it’s best to cross your fingers. Before pushing the panic button and reaching for your check book where repairing a Philips Magnavox Big Screen TV is concerned, you should first investigate the obvious. For example, your problems may arise from issues as simple as connective external plugs being loose or nearby electrical appliances in your home (toaster ovens, clock radios, etc.) causing interference. Or your problems may be coming from other “do-it-yourself” quick fixes pointed out in your owner’s manual. And where this approach is concerned, you can usually find such materials via the Philips web site or through other knowledge sources such as Magnavox and if your owner’s manual is “missing in action”.
  3. Call the experts.  Regrettably, when attempting the repair of a Philips Magnavox Big Screen TV, the best course to take involves dealing with the device’s manufacturer or the retail outlet where you purchased it, and with any luck your warranty will still be active. (But remember not to volunteer any unrequested information such as, “It was working fine until my uncle hit it with a wild pitch.”). Otherwise, in that technology is currently being updated faster than Joan River’s face, you should simultaneously entertain the notion of simply replacing the unit.

And if all these approaches fail, you might consider instead the possibility of winning your state’s lottery or resorting to a life of crime in order to painlessly and economically replace the unit.

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