How Do You Reset Pontiac Grand Am Abs Light

Do you want to know, "How do you reset Pontiac Grand Am ABS light?" Resetting the ABS light on your Pontiac Grand Am is easy. It will only take a few minutes of your time and a little more of your patience. ABS lights flick on your automobile for various reasons. You can test the lights yourself or you can go to an automobile parts store and have the store test your ABS light for you.

Things You Will Need To Reset ABS Light:

  • A wrench or socket
  • Socket wrench
  • Your car
  • Leather gloves
  1. Pull your Pontiac Grand Am into your driveway and shut it off. Open the hood of your car and attach the safety arm. Let your car cool down.
  2. Take your socket wrench and take the negative cable off your battery. Take your socket wrench and take the positive cable off your battery. You do not have to take the positive off, but do it anyway. Let your car set for ten minutes with no battery power.
  3. Reconnect your battery cables with your socket wrench. Your computer will have reset your ABS light on your Pontiac Grand Am. Put the hood down on your car and start it up.
  4. Drive your car around town for a few days. If the ABS lights reappear, you may have a problem.
  5. Go to a local parts store and have them read the codes on the computer of your car. If the codes show something is wrong, fix it or have it fixed by a shop. If not, have the auto parts store shut the ABS light off with their computer.
  6. Drive your car normally. If the ABS lights continue to reappear, you will need to take your car into the shop. You either have a faulty ABS light, something is wrong with the computer in your car, or something else is wrong with your car. The repair shop will run their own analysis of Pontiac Grand Am.
  7. Disconnecting the battery from your car should be enough to shut off your Pontiac Grand Am’s ABS lights. You may have to have your brakes changed or have a problem with your brake system if the ABS light continues to come on.



  • Wear leather gloves when working on your car
  • Battery acid burns, leather gloves will protect you
  • Local auto parts store will give you a free analysis of your car
  • Some cars have faulty ABS light
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