How Do You Rub Contact Lenses?

Learning how do you rub contact lenses is something that comes with practice and information from your doctor. It is not easy to transition from glasses to contacts, or even no visual help to contact lenses, but practice is the best teacher.

To Rub Contact Lenses, you will need:

  • Clean hands
  • Contact lens and solution
  • Lens case
  1. To rub your contact lenses, you are going to want to have clean hands to begin with, so wash your hand. You can use any kind of hand soap you want, whether it is from a pump, or a bar, just making sure you get the excess soap off your hands. If you do not it could be transmitted to your eyes in the process of rubbing your contact lenses. The reason you must clean your hands is that even if you have not touched anything horribly dirty today, you do not want to put any kind of germ in your eyes. It is bad enough with all the pollen and dust that floats around in the air entering your eyes, do not make it any tougher than it has to be to keep everything sterilized.
  2. Secondly, you will want to make sure you have your contact lens and solution ready. Your doctor will usually recommend a good brand of solution for you, and your contact lenses, and possibly give you a trial, but what ever your doctor says is best, make sure to use. When you have your contact and solution ready, put your contact in the middle of your palm, pour your solution in your palm, cover the contact lens with the solution, and rub with your finger or thumb. This will be rubbing any bacteria, or smudges you have on the contact lens off, and helping for your next wear.
  3. Last, you will want to make sure that your lens case is available and ready for your contacts if you are not putting them in your eyes. You will start with dumping the solution out of your lens case, if you have not already, and rinsing under water. Then you will fill the case with fresh and new solution and drop the lenses right in the correct side of the case. If you have a different prescription for each eye, which is very common, make sure you do not mix your prescriptions up, or the next time you wear your contacts you will not be able to see correctly.

See, as long as your doctor or an experienced friend goes over all of the steps with you on how to rub contact lenses, you will be fine. You just want to make sure that no matter what the circumstances are you stick with this regimen, so that you do not run in to any problems with your eyes, or contacts. You must make sure that you keep your hands and contacts freshly cleaned as much as possible.

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