How Do You Stimulate Her Breasts To Orgasm?

Once you have answered the question how do you stimulate her breasts to orgasm? Once you have learned to give her a nipple orgasm you will give her a spine arching orgasm that she will never forget. Many men believe that the clitoris is the main pleasure center, when in fact there are a variety of areas on a women body that can bring on the big 'O'. Below you will find how by stimulating her breast (mainly the nipple) can bring her over and above the peak of pleasure.

  1. Warm up to the nipple. You already know about the various other foreplay methods, when it comes to warming up to the nipple all you need is kissing. Yes! that is right deep kissing is the best nipple foreplay and will blow her mind. Knead her breast with both hands and work your thumb and the edge of your palm in the direction of the nipple. Use indirect stimulation by not touching the nipple while kneading the breast, it builds up the sexual sensors in the her body.
  2. Take your focus to the nipple. Once you have thoroughly kissed and massaged the breasts, you can begin to shift your focus on her nipples. There are two forms of motion you will focus on doing, motion and speed. The first is motion and it should be done slowly without much speed at all. The motion involves using your thumb and index finger to gently grasp the nipple and move it back and forth and rotate the nipple as if you are tuning a stereo.
  3. Use your tongue to increase the speed while moving the nipple. Start by flicking the nipple with the tip of your tongue for about two-three minutes and suck the breast area around the nipple. Alternate the movement between sucking and flicking. Give her 5 minutes and you will be sure to give her the most intense orgasm you have ever seen her have.
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