How Do You Sync A Camera To A Flatscreen TV

Want to know how do you sync a camera to a flatscreen tv? Like many people, when you buy a new camera you are curious as to how all of the new features work. While your manual may include helpful information, one thing that always excites us is the fact that many new cameras allow you to sync them  up to your flatscreen television set in order to view the photos directly from the camera, onto the flatscreen TV. In this guide we answer your question, how do you sync a camera to a flatscreen TV?

  1. Your camera more than likely came with the available wires that you will need to plug into your flatscreen TV. So check your cameras box and see if they are in there. This video cable can plug directly into your flatscreen TV, and the other end plugs into your camera.
  2. Power on the camera. Once the video cable is plugged into the flatscreen TV, and into the camera the camera should power on by itself. Not all models of cameras will though, so power it on manually.
  3. You may have to change your flatscreens channel input. Many flatscreens are set onto an HD channel. If your photos do not come up on the flatscreen TV, change the input channel until you see your camera menu.
  4. Select slide show on your camera. Most cameras come with this setting, and most owners never used the feature because they had no use for it. On a flatscreen TV though, using the slide show option is necessary.
  5. Once you begin the slide show, you can now sit back, and enjoy your photographs on your flatscreen TV. Some cameras even have built in music that will play in the background, and other settings to make the slide show more unique.
  6. If you like the results, save your photos on your PC in order to re-use the memory card.
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