How Do You Tell Someone You Love Them?

How do you tell someone you love them? Telling someone you you love them should be a major step in any relationship, often requiring a certain amount of planning, timing and care.  Unfortunately, people throw around the term the word "I love you" like spare pennies on the sidewalk, cheapening the words and the sentiment in general. If you want to tell someone you love them and have it really mean something, as opposed to just saying it to get your way, try one or a few of the following techniques to make them understand that you truly mean it.

  1. Make eye contact. Pull your significant other, close friend or longtime crush aside and look them directly in the eyes when you tell them you love them. There's something shockingly intimate about making direct eye contact with anyone, and if it's someone you care about the feeling will be that much stronger and those three little words will carry much more weight and significance.
  2. It's all about timing. Make sure you have a true connection with someone before you tell them you love them and that you're sure that your feelings won't change. This varies for every relationship, though most would agree it is wise to spend an extended period of time with someone before you drop the big L word. This is not to say that love at first sight doesn't exist, just that it's a phenomenon which is few and far between.
  3. Find the right ambiance. Sometimes the ambiance of a place makes all the difference when telling someone you love them. For example, telling someone you love them over the din of a crowded mall often doesn't have nearly the same significance as telling them you love them at a romantic restaurant or in the in the sunny park where you went on your first date. Take some time and plan this, as the setting of where these feelings of love and affection may sway their response.
  4. Prepare some reasons why you love them. You're not on trial, of course, but having reasons why you love someone when you tell them you love them certainly doesn't hurt the situation. This is not to say you should go as far as to launch into your own rendition of "How Do I Love Thee…", but a clear explanation of your feelings of love makes it mean that much more to the object of your affection. 
  5.  Get over the fear of rejection. Many people won't tell someone they love them because they are afraid of being rejected, that the person they are saying "I Love You" to won't return these sentiments and they will be painfully heartbroken. This is a valid concern, but this fear will ultimately cause problems in the relationship. If you feel love for another person, don't be afraid to show it. If they don't feel the same way, then at least you'll both know and you can either go your own separate ways or come up with a solution as to how you can still be a part of the other's lives. If they do feel the same way and were afraid to say it themselves, then you've successfully taken the relationship to the next level. Either way, at least you'll know. 
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