How Do You Turn On The Radio On Battlefield Vietnam?

If you would like a little background music in your game, you have probably asked, "how do you turn on the radio on Battlefield Vietnam?" The game comes with a 1960's music soundtrack that can be played in both the jeep and the helicopter. The songs included are familiar top fourty hits from the 1960's. They really add to the ambiance of this historical setting game. It is very easy to turn on the radio on Battlefield Vietnam. Just follow these steps:

  1. To turn on the radio, press "0." If you are using the number pad and the radio on Battlefield Vietnam does not respond, double check to see that your number lock is on.
  2. A play list of tracks will pop up. The radio on Battlefield Vietnam brings up a soundtrack includes a large selection of top fourty songs from the era of the game.
  3. Pick the song you want to play on the radio in Battlefield Vietnam by clicking the letter next to the song. You can also just let the play list play in order.


  • Many Battlefield Vietnam players say that they like turning on the radio and just letting the songs play, rather than picking a specific track. This makes the experience more realistic, as a real radio would not allow you to pick tracks.
  • Some people who play Battlefield Vietnam who are Windows Vista users say that they have had trouble getting the radio on Battlefield Vietnam to work. Windows 7 users generally report that it works well for them.
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