How Do You Use Beads In Fly Fishing?

Learning how do you use beads in fly fishing can benefit new and old fisherman. Beads are used to simulate fish eggs that attract bigger fish. Figuring out the type and size of bead is confusing without help. Continue reading to find the answer to how do you use beads in fly fishing.

To use bead in fly fishing, you will need: 

  • Fly fishing pole with leader 
  • Hooks 
  • Beads 6-10mm, assorted colors
  1. Know the target. Find out which type of fish is located at your fishing destination to determine which bead to use. An important part of how do you use beads in fly fishing is to know the look of the eggs (roe).
  2. Selecting beads. Match sizing of eggs when practicing how do you use beads in fly fishing. The smallest beads are 6 mm and used for Sockeye roe. Pink and Coho roe are mid-sized 8 mm during spawning season.
  3. Check the report. Looking for fishing reports on location is a useful tool in how do you use beads in fly fishing. The report tells the approximate time specific fish species are on the move.
  4. Watch hues. The last but equally important aspect of selection in how do you use beads in fly fishing is the color. Eggs change color depending on the length of time in water. Look at eggs on the edges and underneath water to notice the color. New eggs are orange, but turns into a peach color. Dead eggs have a dark coloring. Match the bead to eggs on location.
  5. Affix the bead. Placing the bead through the leader is the preliminary action in how do you use beads in fly fishing attachment. Allow the leader to go from side to side in the bead a few more times and produce a loop. Attach the hook and move the loop through the bead and wrap around it multiple times before knotting.

Well done! You have completed the task of learning the reason for choosing and attaching beads. You are knowledgeable on the subject how do you use beads in fly fishing.



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