How Do You Use An Electric Jack Hammer

How do you use an electric jackhammer? An electric jackhammer is considered a heavy equipment with has a chisel that can bust up concrete. An electric jackhammer is a lot faster to use instead of a sledge hammer when trying to bust up concrete or a black top. They can be rented at any store that rents tools out. An electric jackhammer is used to bust up things such as thick concrete, black top, sidewalks, steps and anything that has to do with those materials. Using an electric jackhammer can be simple if you know what you are doing beforehand and have the right tools to go with it.


  • Electric jackhammer
  • Heavy duty 110 amp extension cord
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Generator
  1. Put the safety glasses and work gloves on for safety. Start the generator and let it warm up.
  2. Plug the heavy duty 110 amp extension cord in. Plug the electric jackhammer into the extension cord.
  3. Set the electric jackhammer about eight inches from the edge of where you are going to be using it. Pull the handle to start it.
  4. Move the electric jackhammer to another area leaving about eight inches from what you just used it on. Continue doing so until you are done running it.


Make sure your feet are at least one foot away from the electric jackhammer.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses.


Check to make sure there is no water or power lines where you are going to be using the electric jackhammer.

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