How Do You Use The Mortar On Far Cry 2?

If you’ve just started playing “Far Cry 2,” and you’re ready to do some large scale damage, you might be wondering, “How do you use the mortar on ‘Far Cry 2?’” The truth is that using the mortar may be a little confusing at first as far as the controls go, but after a few seconds of practicing the right way, you will pick the technique up easily. 

  1. Practice with the smoke shells first. In “Far Cry 2,” you receive smoke shells with your mortar. This sort of helps you find out where your explosive shells are going to hit. Many people, however, skip using the smoke shells or don’t know how to switch from the smoke shells to the explosive ones. To become as comfortable as possible with the mortar, try using these smoke shells first. You’ll alert enemies, but it will help you get used to it.
  2. If you’re sick and tired of using the smoke rounds in the mortar on “Far Cry 2,” try switching over to the explosive shells by tapping the “X” button. Using those smoke shells will alert enemies that you are near, and they actually best left untouched once you’re comfortable with them. It is a little difficult getting used to using the mortar, but if you can get around using the smoke shells, you’ll have the smoothest run. This is definitely the best, cleanest and fastest way to use the mortar on “Far Cry 2.”
  3. Learn how to use the leaf sight so that you can effectively use the mortar on “Far Cry 2.” When you aim down the sight of the mortar, you may be confused by the leaf sight that you are given to use. You might see the lined markers and wonder how exactly to use them. Going from the bottom up on the leaf sight, pretend that each line represents an increment for 80 meters. For example, the first line would represent 80 meters, the second would represent 160 meters, the third would represent 240 meters, and so on. This will help you get an idea of how to aim the mortar.  
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