How Do You Win A Game Of Pictionary

When playing Pictionary with friends, you might ask yourself how do you win a game of Pictionary? The object of Pictionary is to guess through sketched clues as many words as possible to advance to the finish line, and then correctly, identify the final sketch. The more people to play this game, the more fun it becomes. Divide the players into teams and let the fun begin.  Here is the answer to how do you win a game of Pictionary:

Here is a list of materials needed to win a game of Pictionary:

  • Pictionary game board
  • one minute timer
  • 500 word cards
  • die
  • category cards
  • one pencil per team
  • pad of paper for each team
  1. To win the game the team must reach the final all play square for an opportunity to win.  It may take several rounds of the game to reach the final all play square.
  2. Once that square is reached the team must guess the word that is being sketched in a game of all play.  In all play, the teams will have the words sketched for them at the same time.  No matter whose all play it was, the first team to guess correctly advances ahead on the game board.
  3. The team must remain at that square as long as it does not correctly identify the given word.  There is no further place to move on the game board, so therefore the team must stay on this square until the game is won.
  4. If the team correctly guess the word they win the game.  The game is rarely won on the first attempt of guessing.
  5. If they don't correctly guess the word they must wait until it is their turn again with the die to try another all play round. The other teams are allowed to take their turn in the game after the team on the final square has not correctly guessed, their is still an opportunity for another team to win.
  6. It takes a correct guess of the word when the team has control of the die to win a game of Pictionary. Remember to draw things your team can relate to and for those who have to guess, remember to guess anything that comes to mind.  It is better to try than to not try at all.

Winning a game of Pictionary does not include letters, numbers, or symbols in the sketches, this will result in defeat.

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