How Do You Win At Slots

A visit to the casino can leave your pockets empty if you are not careful, so hopefully you are wondering how to win at slots. The odds in slots are precisely calculated so that each slot machine will always make money. The odds of each machine are always high in the house's favor. At some casinos, however, you can get much more than you put in, but in a pretty small limit. Here are tips of making more than you put in slots.

Things you'll need:

  • Slot machine
  • Compatible coins
  1. Find or stay at a casino that gives you a small amount of money for playing. Some casinos give you around five dollars just to get you in the casino part of the hotel. You have to play with this money, so you want to play the absolute minimum on the cheapest slots unless it keeps you from doing step two. You want the free money to last as long as possible. Do not be tempted to bet more; you will only lose more.
  2. Get free drinks. Most casinos have cocktail waitresses that give free cocktails to any person playing games, even slots. This is really one of the only ways to get more than what you put in to slots. If you play the slots slowly enough, you can get more than your fill of alcohol doing so. If the drinks aren't coming, change slots. Most casinos put your money on a card, so if you have some left you can use it later.
  3. Playing slots slowly helps you win more. Most casinos have random prizes and such for people playing slots. The key to getting this would be making that free money last as long as possible. If you win more than the free money given to you, cash it out and take it home. Most casinos have machines to do this for you.
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