How To Do Zulu Spins

Knowing how to do Zulu spins takes practice. You learn this technique in breakdancing, and learning breakdancing is a fun way to get exercise or work toward a professional level. Breakdancers practice techniques everyday to strengthen their muscles and improve flexibility for breakdancing.

In order to do Zulu spins, you will need:

  • Floor space
  • Patience and perseverance
  1. Squat down. The beginning position for Zulu spins is squatting down low on both legs. If you cannot squat down low when learning Zulu spins, stretch before starting practice. Stretching helps loosen up the muscles and get them ready to work when starting the spins.
  2. Stick one leg out. Sit on your left leg and bend your right leg out a little in front of you. You can also start with a straight leg until you get used to the motion. This leg will be the main one to work with as you spin around it on the floor when practicing Zulu spins.
  3. Prop up with one hand. Since you are still squatting on your left leg, lean toward the back and prop up with your left hand. You will use your hands interchangeably throughout the full rotation move as you spin around.
  4. Start spinning. Spin toward your left with your face aimed at the ground. You make a full rotation like a corkscrew spin as you spin around your right leg in a circle. Alternate hands as you spin around your slightly bent leg. Use the ball of your right foot to spin, keeping the left foot tucked beneath you as you practice Zulu spins.
  5. Try one full rotation and pick up speed as you go. You spin in a counter-clockwise motion as you corkscrew facing the ground and come back up again when doing Zulu spins. Keep focused on one spot before you spin around and look at the same spot when you have spun a full rotation. Keep your slightly bent leg close to the floor and drag it a little when starting out.


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