How To Dock A Power Boat

Learning how to dock your power boat can improve your overall fishing experience. Power boats are a little different than your typical fishing boat that’s powered with a kicker motor. It’s not probable in a power boat to just let your boat “drift” into dock like you can with a kicker. If you’re ready to learn how to successfully dock your power boat, than a take look at the list of things you’ll need to accomplish this task.

To successfully dock your power boat, you’ll need the following:

  • Rope connected to your boat.
  • Power boat.
  • Knowledge of how to operate your power boat.


  1. Gather your supplies. Before attempting to dock your power boat, you’ll need to get your boat ready. First, attach your rope to the boat. The best way to do this is to attach the rope to the front hook on your boat. This is both the easiest place to attach your rope to and the most sensible place since you will be travelling in this direction to dock your boat. Second, make sure that your rope is long enough to successfully dock your power boat. You want a rope that is ideally between twenty and thirty feet long.
  2. Make your approach. After you’ve attached your rope, begin making your descent towards the dock. Make sure that you don’t drive your boat too fast encase you run into issues while trying to dock your boat. Once you’re close to where you’re docking your boat, make sure your speed is down to a crawl. When you’re just a few feet from the dock, place your power boat into neutral. If you happen to drift too far away or get too close, simply place your boat in either forward or reverse extremely slowly.
  3. Dock the boat. After you’re just a few feet from the dock, make sure your power boat is in neutral. Also, before you attempt to tie your boat to the dock, make sure you have placed your boat in an area along the dock that has something to tie to. After you’ve checked all of these items, walk carefully to the front of the boat. Lean over the front of the bow with rope in hand and tie your boat to the dock. Carefully pull the boat forward using the tied-up rope until you’re close enough to safely step from your boat to the dock.

One tip that can make docking your power boat even easier is to call for a fellow fisherman at the dock. You can toss them the rope once it’s attached to the boat, and they can tie your boat up for you. Of course, you don’t always have this option, but that’s okay. With a couple of practice attempts using these steps, you’ll be an expert in no time at docking your power boat!

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