How Does A 40 Year Old Bachelor Get Hip

While times are changing and people are getting older, many men approaching 40 will wonder, how does a 40 year old bachelor get hip? The solution may seem a bit overwhelming without the right direction or proper guide; however, there are several ways in which a 40 year old bachelor can get hip, which will result in a more active dating and social life. Reevaluate yourself. Take a deep look in the mirror and see what makes you dated. It could be the way that you dress or maybe an overgrown amount of facial hair? Maybe you could use some of these tips:

  1. Learn what it takes to be hip. What was hip five years ago is not the same today, therefore it is important to study things before making any major changes. Research trends in technology, the environment, entertainment and style. By monitoring these issues, you can modify your changes to upcoming trends and ideals which will consequently allow others to perceive you as hip according to today’s standards. In doing this, any 40 year old bachelor can remain on the right path to getting hip.
  2. Get eco-friendly. Today, being hip is due in part to your awareness of the environment. Take simple steps like recycling, trading in the gas-guzzler for a hybrid or even carpooling. All of these steps are geared towards helping a 40 year old bachelor to get hip quick.
  3. Upgrade your technology. Nothing says lame like being behind on the coolest gadgets. Instead of opting for your old flip phone, purchase a smart phone with texting capabilities. Instead of purchasing a standard tube television, buy an LCD or plasma television. These are examples of where keeping current with the newest technology can keep a 40 year old bachelor savvy and current with the hottest technological trends.
  4. Make yourself over. At this stage in your life, although you do not want to drastically overexaggerate your appearance, it is essential to maintain a current look. Throw out the old Hawaiian shirts and dated wardrobe basics, and opt for more clothing that is sleek and trendy, yet tasteful and age-appropriate. Making over your personal style will allow any 40 year old bachelor to get hip while maintaining a youthful appearance that is in touch with current trends.

While getting hip may signal an incessant need to do things that will make you look and feel younger, getting hip is all about staying current with the times. Additionally, getting hip at 40 may seem a little overwhelming; however, by utilizing the right tools, this process can be a seamless and fun experience that can enhance your perception by others as a trendy, yet sophisticated, bachelor.

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