How Does Aging Affect Male Sexual Organs?

How does aging affect male sexual organs? It is a question that seeps into every man's mind, no matter what his situation. Whether you are single, married, healthy or unhealthy, your body will eventually go through some changes. Here are some brief descriptions of changes that affect male sexual organs and your overall state of being.

  1. Your testes. As you age, testicular tissue mass decreases. Along with this, the rate of sperm cell production slows down because the tubes that carry the sperm inside of your testes lose their elasticity over time. This change is called sclerosis and is a natural occurrence in aging men. It shouldn't be cause for alarm.
  2. Testosterone. Most of us know the reaction of male sexual organs has a good amount to do with the levels of testosterone you have. Testosterone production depends on a number of hormones in the body, so when these levels drop, the rate at which testosterone is produced also drops. Some research has shown that on average, the decline in testosterone goes down one percent per year starting in a man's early thirties. The drop in testosterone can lower your libido and slow down your ability to perform on demand, but again, this isn't anything to be concerned about, unless your drive and ability to have sex take a drastic nose dive. For those of you that want to procreate, it may take longer to help conceive a child, since the production of sperm is affected by the drop in this hormone. On the bright side, more sex with your partner can only help the bonding process, so keep a stiff, uh, upper lip.
  3. The prostate. The prostate is a gland that produces fluid which combines with sperm to help provide nutrients. It also helps create a balanced chemical environment (for fertility purposes) and helps create the erection needed for this purpose. Over time, the prostate develops scar tissue that can make it harder for the production of this fluid. Benign prostatic hypertrophy is a common condition that affects at least fifty percent of men. The prostate's growth causes it to push up against the urinary tract, which can sometimes make urinating a bit more difficult. These problems combined could cause erectile dysfunction and, as a result, problems with ejaculation.
  4. Health conditions. Knowing what your body needs is one important factor in how quickly aging affects male sexual organs. Diabetes and coronary artery disease, for example, are two conditions that affect male sexual organs. Both cause problems with blood flow through the arteries because of clogging and restriction of the vessels, so it makes sense that improper circulation of fluids in the body would also affect male sexual organs. Eating right and exercising are your true friends when it comes to keeping your male sexual organs fit.
  5. The brain. Lastly, we all need to take into account what is going on in our lives in order to help out our bodies. “Mind over matter” is a popular term and can apply very strongly to the way you handle yourself in the bedroom. Stress closes us up, mentally and physically. If you get a clean bill of health from your doctor every year but are still having concerns, it is time to reevaluate decisions you have made in your life. One change may be all it takes to get your body and soul back on track.

Aging affects the male sexual organs, there is no doubt about that. But, if you are mindful of what you need and take care of yourself, you can maintain a sexually active lifestyle well into your golden years.


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