How Does Alarm Work On Conion Boombox

Are you asking yourself, "how does the alarm work on a Conion boombox?" This boombox is unique in its own manner in that it is a retro homage to the original boomboxes with extra benefits. External speakers may attach to the device. The boombox can also tape record. While there are numerous benefits of this device, the avid hip-hop enthusiasts, especially those that break dance for fun, may appreciate this item much more.

The Conion Boombox looks identical as the original boomboxes. It has the tape deck and the infamous handle that allows the radio to travel as needed. One additional aspect on this boombox that most find more desirable is the alarm system. Knowing how to set the alarm will prove a great benefit when performing around a crowd of people. The infrared burglar alarm blazes when anyone nears three or four meters of the Conion boombox. The alarm continues until the owner physically shuts it off. Setting the alarm is simple to do following these simple steps.

  1. Point the speakers in whichever direction you want.
  2. Find the sensor button near the top left portion of the Conion boombox located above the left speaker. Amongst the two buttons, the sensor button is the right-most button. Turn on the sensor button by pushing it in.
  3. Within one minute, the burglar alarm will activate on its own. Ensure no one is near the Conion boombox; otherwise, the blaring alarm will sound.
  4. Stop a triggered alarm from sounding by turning the sensor button off.
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