How Does The Dice Game Craps Work?

Casino games like Blackjack and Roulette are easy to pick up, but with its complex table many people don’t take the time to learn how does the dice game craps work. Spend any time in a casino on a busy Friday or Saturday and you will hear the roars from the crowd playing craps. Craps is a fast-paced game where players often win at the same time, creating a lively group atmosphere around the table.

  1. Players bet the pass line while one player becomes the shooter. To start the game one player is handed the dice and becomes the shooter. At this time, players can place bets on the pass line. When the shooter throws the dice, if the result is a seven or eleven, the bets on the pass line pay even money, if the result is two, three or twelve then the pass line bets lose. Any other result becomes the point for later rolls. Players can also bet on the don’t pass line, where they win and lose in the exact opposite way as the pass line.
  2. The rolls continue until the shooter rolls "craps." After the point has been rolled, the shooter now has to roll again. If the shooter rolls the point again, then all of the pass line bets pay off even money. If the shooter rolls a seven, called “craps,” then the pass line bets lose and someone else becomes the shooter. Any other roll is ignored for pass line bets and the shooter rolls again.
  3. Get more action with a come bet. If the point has already been thrown and you are bored waiting for the shooter to roll the point or a seven, you can make a come bet to get some action. A come bet works like a new pass line bet, with the next roll determining the point for the come bet. If the next roll is a two, three or twelve then the come bet loses, they likewise win with a seven or eleven, even if these rolls don’t effect the pass line bets in play.
  4. Learn the rest of the complex wagers as you go. There are a number of other wagers that you can make at the table, some betting that a certain number will be rolled before a seven and some betting on the outcome of the next roll. Most of the more complicated bets are best learned while at the table, once you become comfortable with pass line and come bets.


How to play craps

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