How Does A Doctor Determine If A Person Is Disabled?

Many patients often wonder, "how does a doctor determine if a person is disabled?" A doctor must determine if a person is disabled in order for them to qualify for Social Security Disability or disability insurance benefits from their health coverage. Many health insurance companies follow the standard guidelines set by Social Security in determining if a person is disabled.

A patient's medical condition is generally reviewed by the Office of Disability Determination Services. There is a standard set of questions and guidelines that are followed when they determine if a person is disabled, as one doctor's opinion could be different from another's. The government has a "List of Impairments," which is a list of medical conditions that are often considered disabled by law. Under these conditions, there are certain guidelines that still need to be met. These guidelines do not apply everybody with that condition.

The doctor will ask questions many questions to determine if a person is disabled, such as when the condition began and how the condition will affect your activities of daily living. The doctor will also want to know if you are able to work while suffering from your medical condition. A person's health condition must severely impair their ability to work and function for the doctor and government to decide if a person is disabled. If you are unable to work in your current position due to your health, your doctor will consider if you are able to perform all duties in a different job field. Your doctor may also form of physical and run any necessary tests that may prove the severity of your condition.


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Hepatitis C Support Project: How Does a Doctor Determine if You Are Disabled?

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