How Does Emotional Stress Effect The Body?

One question we wonder about: how does emotional stress effect the body? Well, how does emotional stress not effect the body? It's interesting just how much emotional stress does effect the body. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Exhaustion – Ever feel exhausted even if you had a full nights sleep? Emotional stress can do that to you. Your heart is working over time trying to work through all the emotional stress and it is very tiring.
  2. No sleep – Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Lots of people with emotional stress have trouble sleeping. In fact many take prescription medicine to help them relax enough to get a full nights sleep.
  3. Over and under eating – Emotional stress also causes people to not know when they are full or hungry. So emotional stress can cause people to lose and gain weight. In fact if this sounds familiar, keeping a journal is not a bad idea. You could help yourself to work through the emotional stress and find another activity to do besides eat.
  4. Physical exhaustion – Emotional stress sometimes tricks the body in to thinking it's really tired and worn out. You'll feel wiped out and are less-than-motivated to get your daily activities accomplished.

For many dealing with emotionally stressful situations, a counselor is a good idea. Simply because a counselor is a neutral person who is there to listen to what ever emotional things you have going on in your life and not be emotionally involved. Therefore, you are venting; letting off steam. You are not worried about offending your counselor or upsetting someone who is directly involved.

You are the only one who knows if a counselor is necessary for your or someone you know. Most if not all of us deal with some forms of emotional stress. Life hands all of us emotional stress in the work place, at home, everywhere. It's how we deal with it that makes a difference. If you are not dealing well with it, hopefully you have the sense to get help to help you need.

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