How Does Exercise Improve Cardiovascular System?

How does exercise improve the cardiovascular system? Cardiovascular disease is the number one health problem in the West. Despite the fact that millions of people suffer from heart disease and are at risk for a heart attack, cardiovascular problems are not an inevitable part of life.There are ways to prevent problems and reduce risk. There are ways to take control of your health and your life.


Benefits of exercise Exercise improves the cardiovascular system by improving circulation and strengthening the heart muscle. It has a cleansing, energizing effect on the entire body. Physical activity is one of the easiest and most powerful tools for improving heart health. 


Improving the quality of blood Simple, daily exercise can improve the cardiovascular system by raising the quality of the blood that is flowing throughout the body. Through stimulating the circulatory system, it increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart muscle, as well as to the entire body. It also increases the release of toxins from the blood stream. Pure, rich, healthy blood is a foundational requirement of optimal health. 


Lowering LDL cholesterol Exercise increases cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol can build-up along blood vessel walls, causing a hardening of the arteries known as artherosclerosis. Overweight, sedentary people tend to have high levels of LDL cholesterol. Exercise, on the other hand, triggers enzyme activity, which encourages the transfer of cholesterol from blood vessels to the liver where it is converted into bile and then excreted from the body. 


Lowering blood pressure Regular exercise also lowers blood pressure. With more oxygen and less waste products to clog the arteries, blood is able to flow more freely through the body. High blood pressure is directly connected to risk of heart disease. 


What type of exercise can improve cardiovascular health? A thirty minute walk outside, a swim in the pool, a pick-up game of soccer or a round of golf. Exercise does not have to be a negative thing, something to dread or to try to avoid. Find activities which you can enjoy and take care of your health.



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