How Does Heartburn Feel Like?

If you've been experiencing mild chest or throat pains, you may be asking yourself, "how does heartburn feel like?"  Some medical conditions may sound severe, but this is not always the case. Take, for example, heartburn, also known as acid reflux. When you hear the word heartburn, you automatically feel anxious because it affects the heart. There is no need to worry though, because heartburn is more of a gastrointestinal condition rather than a medical condition. This takes place when the acid in your stomach goes up your throat.

If you are wondering if you have heartburn, here are some symptoms that will help you picture it:

  1. There is a burning sensation in your chest. This usually takes place behind the breastbone. This burning sensation may travel up to your throat. This sensation often takes place after eating or in the morning.
  2. Your throat might feel like burning. When the acid reaches your throat or anywhere near, the acid irritates the surrounding tissues thus making it burn. The burning sensation can also get worse when swallowing.
  3. Your mouth may taste sour or bitter. The acid reflux can reach as far as the back of the throat. The bitter or sour taste is the result when the contents enter the mouth.
  4. You may feel like there is a lump on your throat.

Heartburn often takes place in the morning when you wake up or after you finished a large meal. Having acid go up your throat is not a great experience. However, heartburn can be managed with antacids along with changes in your eating habits. Lastly, heartburn is not associated with any cardiovascular condition, most especially heart attack.



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