How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

How does it feel to be loved? You probably want to know the feeling if you have never been in love before. Depending on the person that you have the relationship with, the overall feeling may vary. Nevertheless, most people should get the same loving feeling for being in love. You will figure out the answer just by paying close attention to these three things when you have a relationship.

  1. You think about your partner frequently. The first thing it feels to be loved is that she is on your mind 24/7. When she isn’t with you, you will call her up to see how she is doing. When you hang out with your buddies, you will talk about her more than your discussions on sports or other guy things. If you have her picture, you will carry it in your wallet and look at it many times.
  2. You always look forward to see your partner. The second thing it feels to be loved is that you can’t wait to see her. For example, you have been seeing her once or twice every weekend for a couple of months. You will end up seeing her on some weekdays as well. Don’t be surprised that you would take her to your family gatherings, and any other events that you normally go with your buddies.
  3. You put her in the first place. The last thing it feels to be loved is that she will come first. Let’s say before being in love, you spend all your time with your buddies. Or, you work overtime to keep yourself fully occupied. However, things will change dramatically with her in your life. Instead of hanging out with your buddies or working overtime, you would rather make yourself totally available for her.



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