How Does It Feel To Wear A Cotton G-string?

Some guys ask, “How does it feel to wear a cotton g-string?” Now you can finally find out! A g-string is different from a thong. A thong has a wider strip. You would wear a g-string for underwear, sleeping, and to turn a woman on. You can identify them by their light fabrics such as cotton.

To wear a cotton G-string, you will need:

  • Cotton G-string
  • Full length mirror
  1. Look for g-strings that have stretch to them. You want to wear a cotton g-string that’s comfortable and stretches with you. Find those with an elastic band. 
  2. Buy the right size cotton g-string. For guys that are bigger, shop at specialty stores or on the Internet. It’s best to buy it online so you can try it on in the comfort of your own home. 
  3. Wear the cotton g-string the right way. Make sure to hold it up before you try it on. Some people will get confused since all the leg holes look similar
  4. Put it on one leg at a time. Place the g-string in front of you with the back against your stomach. Slide it on each leg and adjust it into place.
  5. Adjust the back of the cotton g-string. Make sure the thin strip is between your butt cheeks. See how it feels to wear a cotton g-string. Practice walking around with it in your house.


Wear the g-string a few hours a day so you can get used to it.

Wear a cotton g-string if you don’t want to wear bulky underwear, especially in the summer time.


Never try underwear on in stores.

Make sure your cotton g-string doesn’t show or your friends will laugh at you.

Don’t wear g-strings in public places. It can be uncomfortable for you and for others.

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