How Does A Manager’s Personality And Value Affect Job Performance?

So how does a manager’s personality and value affect job performance? Specifically, companies hold managers to a higher performance standard than the average employee on the job. They are not only responsible for themselves, but also often for departments and divisions. The performance of the whole falls squarely on the shoulders of managers.

Managers have a difficult job since they not only have their own work to complete, but they are also responsible for a group of employees. Often, companies choose managers based on how well they work, and not on how well they can manage others. This does not have to be a hindrance though.

Personality and values can either help or hurt managers when faced with a difficult situation. Companies do not expect their managers to have the same personality, but often a more extroverted style is preferred since they have to interact with others in the company on a regular basis. Find out what your company favors and then work to develop some of those personality traits.

Regarding values, as a manager you should have a clear understanding of the values your company wants their leadership team to display. Since managers are representatives for their staff, it is imperative for a manager to have the necessary values.

Should a manager lack the proper personality traits or appropriate value system, they will suffer come performance evaluation time. The executive team is accountable for their manager’s behavior so you will want to make sure you do what is required to make them look good.

The best way to ensure you have the right personality and value system is to request feedback on a regular basis. You will have an opportunity to rectify any job performance issues ahead of time.


People Performance and Personality Differences (pdf)

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