How Does Masturbation Affect Your Body Physically?

How does masturbation affect your body physically?  Many myths have been created to answer this question.  Some are downright absurd, while others use junk science to promote the latest herbal remedy.  Don’t believe any of them, as masturbation affects your body in the exact same manner as regular sex. 

This process begins with an erection.  After a man sees or thinks about an arousing image, the brain sends special chemicals to the penile area.  These chemicals prepare the blood vessels for the erection.  The corpus cavernosum, a set of spongy tissue, then responds by filling up with blood.  This causes the penis to grow two to three times its size, making it ready for sexual activity. 

Here is where masturbation comes in.  Like regular sex, masturbation affects your body in a completely natural manner.  As you are stroking your penis, your body will transition into the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle.  During this phase, you will experience an increase in both heart rate and breathing.  Your testicles will also get bigger, while moving inward toward your body.  The semen within them are preparing for their exit.

Your urethral sphincter and Cowper’s glands will assist them in their journey.  During masturbation, the urethral sphincter will contract.  This prevents semen and urine from going into the wrong areas.  Meanwhile, the Cowper’s glands secrete pre-ejaculate, a fluid that helps the semen move through the penile area.

However, these actions alone won’t release the sperm.  The penis itself will do that through a series of muscular contractions.  These contractions continue until the vas deferens releases sperm into the urethra.  Ejaculation follows, as the man reaches orgasm.  This occurs when muscles in the penis, prostate and anal sphincter contract at the same time.  The result is a very pleasant sensation, which is exactly the same for both masturbation and regular sex. 

There are no other physiological mechanisms at work when thinking about how masturbation affects your body.  You won’t grow hair on your palms or experience a hormonal imbalance that will render you infertile.  Indeed, the only real consequence of masturbation is psychological.  If you believe masturbation is a horrible act, your psyche will respond with guilt and shame.

So, the best solution would involve removing any guilt you might have regarding masturbation.  It is a natural act that is meant to relieve sexual tension in your body. 


Understanding Sexual Pleasure

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