How Does Mexico Celebrate Father’s Day?

How does Mexico celebrate Father’s Day? Mexico celebrates this holiday in much the same way that Americans do, but on a grander, more festive scale. Mexican holidays are always special events, rich with culture and tradition. Father’s Day, known in Mexico as "Día del Padre," is no exception.

A day to honor all fathers. People around the world observe Father’s Day, and the date varies from one country to the next. For everyone, it is a special day set aside each year to honor dads. Mexicans express gratitude and appreciation not only for their fathers, but also for the father figures in their lives—grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, big brothers and other men who have been like a father to them.

A celebration of family. Family is important to Mexicans, and they celebrate the family with many special occasions throughout the year. Children have their own day on April 30 ("Día del Niño") and mothers are honored on May 10 ("Día de las Madres"). Mexicans celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, the same day the United States observes the holiday.

Various ways to celebrate. Mexicans celebrate their dads in a variety of ways, including the giving of gifts, flowers and greeting cards. Many Mexicans also celebrate Father’s Day with "Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan," an annual runner's race that takes place in Mexico City.

Food plays a major role in Mexican celebrations. Father’s Day usually includes a huge early morning feast of traditional homemade food, including all of the father's favorite dishes. The meal is often finished with traditional Mexican chocolates or pan dulce, Mexican sweet bread iced with colorful, decorative toppings.

Although Father’s Day is not a national holiday in Mexico, the public observes the special occasion with various parties and festivities that vary from region to region. "Día del Padre" honors all fathers throughout Mexico, and Mexicans commemorate the day with food, gifts, music and dancing, love and appreciation for the special men who impact their lives the most.

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