How Does Peter Answers Work

If you are someone who enjoys shocking your friends and family, you need to know how does Peter Answers work.  Peter Answers is a gag site which you can use to answer friends' questions. You can type any question and the computer will answer it correctly. Is the website really a physic? No, of course not. There is a secret and you can easily learn it in order to amaze anyone.

To learn how does Peter Answers work, you will need:

  • a computer with Internet access.
  • to know the secret below.
  1. Go to You will find two text boxes on the site. One asks for a petition and the other one is where you can ask a question.
  2. The secret to how Peter Answers workis is knowing what to write in the petition text box. You actually write the answer to the question in the petition box. So ask for a question from our audience. If you don't know the answer to the question, tell the asker that if he says the question and answer aloud, Peter will hear it with his psychic powers. Now for the trick. Type "." (without quotes) and then write the answer. The text on the screen will appear in the petition sentence.
  3. Next, type the question in the question text box. Just type the question here normally. Hit "Enter" and the computer will "think" for a few minutes. After a few seconds the answer you typed in the petition box will appear and everyone will be amazed. This is a great trick to pull on a few friends.
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