How Does A Portable Jump Starter Work?

How does a portable jump starter work? Picture a cold winters evening leaving work and the car won’t start. While turning the key the telltale noise of a weak battery is heard. Hopefully there is help nearby but everyone is trying to get home. These circumstances occur often but when equipped with a Portable Jump Starter such a car problem can be less difficult to handle.

  1. Pull your hood release inside your car. There is nothing to be done if the hood cannot be opened, make sure this can be done with or without proper lighting. Know where the hood latch is.
  2. The latch will be near the middle of the hood.  Press the hood release and open the hood itself.
  3. Look at the battery, the terminals or connections may be on the side of the battery or on the top. One post will be positive having a red terminal and the other post will be negative showing a black terminal. If there is still confusion there will be a negative sign and a positive sign on the battery itself.
  4. Check for white dust buildup on the battery terminals. This will be corrosion and can make a connection difficult. Do not get this deposit on the hands. Get the Portable Jump Starter and place the positive or plus connection on the plus and the negative or minus connection on the negative terminal. The negative cable or black cable can be grounded to the body of the car.
  5. Turn the Portable Jump Starter on, get in and turn the ignition switch. If the car starts get out and disconnect the charger from the battery. Disconnect the negative cable first after starting the car. Place the Portable Jump Starter in a storage area.


  • A battery can explode if terminals are placed incorrectly so pay attention.
  • Make sure the Portable Jump Starter is kept charged so that when and if you need it this equipment will be ready for use.
  • Battery acid can be harmful to the skin.
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