How Does Processor Speed Affect Surfing The Internet?

If you're wondering how does processor speed affect surfing the Internet, the answer is very simple: it makes surfing the Internet faster. Processor speed is essentially the speed at which your computer processes information. Here are the major ways in which processor speed can affect surfing the Internet:

  1. Revisiting Websites. Visiting new web sites is more dependent on connection speed, but sites you have already visited will load faster with faster processor speed. This is because the data from the sites is stored in temporary folders and the processor speed affects how quickly your computer can access this data again. If you clear your history and delete your temp files, however, your processor speed won't have as big an effect on surfing the Internet.
  2. Opening Multiple Tabs. Processor speed also affects how quickly you can go back and forth between different Internet browsers or tabs. If you're constantly browsing several different sites simultaneously, your processor speed affects how fast you can do this.
  3. Streaming Videos or Music. When you are surfing the Internet, processor speed also determines how fast certain videos or songs load. Connectivity also affects this process, but the speed at which the data is downloaded to your computer is managed by the processor speed.
  4. Online Games and Animations. Since online games and animations are also software, your processor speed affects how fast these load, respond, and react. Flash media is affected by the processor speed, as are MMPORGs or other online video games. Processor speed is the root manager of all the functions of different software programs, so if the performance on games and animations is poor, you should upgrade your processor.

Processor speed is one of the most general performance factors on your computer. Processor speed can affect surfing the Internet just as much as it can affect any programs that you run on it. It's a good idea to upgrade processor speed if you browse image and video-heavy Internet sites, as well as if you play online video games, either on game servers or on other sites.   

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