How Does Sex Affect Men’s Health?

How does sex affect men's health? Well, sex can affect the male in many different ways. Whether it is with a partner or through masturbation, there are many health factors at play here.

  1. Masturbation/Good or Bad? Masturbation seems harmless enough but it can have bad affects on men's health. Too much masturbation can be a sign of sexual addictions which is very bad for men's mental health. Also, the lack of lubrication can cause injury to the head or shaft of the penis. Masturbation can also spread germs or infections if the penis is scratched from untrimmed nails or the hands are not clean.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases are the most common sexual health risk for men. This is one of the most wide spread threats to men's health in relation to sex. Sex today has become a gamble and you never know who your partners have already had relations with. There are many sexually transmitted diseases which can cause sickness, infertility and even death. The worst sexually transmitted disease is, of course,the HIV/AIDS virus. This disease has taken more lives than any other sexually transmitted disease.
  3. Sex can affect the heart. If you suffer from any sort of heart disease or symptoms of, sex can affect your health dramatically. The positive affects of sex on the cardiac health is that sex aids in circulation. This keeps the blood flowing faster and the adrenalin pumping. Metabolism is also at its peak during and right after intercourse. On the other hand, sex that is too intense, can cause a sudden heart attack, stroke or even death. That is another reason why a healthy diet is always stressed.

Sex is important to men. It can be very healthy but can also be detrimental to their health as well. Living the best lifestyle and making wise choices can prevent negative affects from a healthy sex life.

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