How Does Someone Become A PGA Caddy

Want to learn about how to become a PGA tour caddy? You want to know how to become a PGA tour caddy. Many people have the dream to be great golfers. They go out onto the golf course and hit as much sod as they do golf balls. Many people are lucky if they break 90 in the game of golf. Say you decide to become a golf caddy. You learn how to play from the best golfers in your hometown. You finally decide you want to become a PGA tour caddy. You want to be around the game of golf. You want to be around the best golfers in the world. To you, the best job in the world is a PGA tour caddy. You cannot start at the top. Like most jobs, becoming a PGA tour caddy is a lot of work. You must start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Things you will need:

  • A job as a local golf caddy
  • Transportation
  • An outgoing personality
  • Internet access
  • The will to succeed
  1. You want to know how to become a PGA tour caddy. It takes time and work to become a PGA tour caddy. You will have to start at the bottom. Become familiar with the PCA or Professional Caddies Association. It is an online community for professional caddies. This site helps caddies get extra work and promotes caddies. If you want to become a PGA tour caddy, you will need a way to promote yourself. This site will help you promote yourself.
  2. Get yourself a job as a caddy at a local country club. If there is not a country club in your area, move. Florida is a great place to move. While living in Florida, you can be a caddy all year round.
  3. Get connected with a local pro or a new pro golfer. Work local tournaments with the new pro golfer. Many young golf pros go to places like Florida (in the wintertime) to work on improving their golf skills. Connect with golfers who are also working their way to the top. Try to become one of their caddies and ride their coat tails to the top.
  4. Become the best caddy you can be. Show the golfers you work with that you really know what you are doing. Hone your golf skills and your caddy skills. Market yourself through your work.
  5. Look for jobs on professional tournaments. Always make yourself available because opportunities may arise at any moment. If you want to become a PGA tour caddy, you need to make yourself ready for any upcoming opportunity.


  • A PGA tour caddy makes a great salary, as much as 10 percent of the Pro’s earnings. Remember, there is a lot of competition to become a PGA tour caddy.
  • Dependability is the key to becoming a PGA tour caddy.


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