How Does Tension In Neck Cause Pressure In Ears?

So how does tension in neck cause pressure in ears? If you are like many people who experience this from time to time, then you know how discomforting this can be. Often, the pressure in the ears is so intense it can cause you to have problems with your balance.

Tightness in the ear can occur for a number of different reasons, including sinus infections, allergies, etc. However, there are specific correlations made between the pressure in the ears and neck tension. Certain people with muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders are susceptible to this type of pressure in the ears.

It has been demonstrated that many people who suffer from this ailment report that stress and extra tension in the neck tend to trigger one of these episodes. People with muscular imbalances around the head are also susceptible to this type of pressure in the ears.

Although neck tension can influence the magnitude of tightness in the ears, it is not shown to be the cause of it. Another theory states that what happens when the neck and shoulders become tense they block the passages in the ear. This then causes the fluid in the ears to build up and they are unable to drain properly.

You may be apt to try to pop your ears by plugging your nose and breathing out, but overtime this technique can actually cause harm to the eardrum. Instead, try to practice other techniques such as the one below to help relieve neck tension and the tightness in the ears.

That way, the next time someone asks, “So how does tension in the neck cause pressure in the ears?” You will know the answer and can tell them what they can do to relieve both symptoms.

Make sure the pressure you are experiencing isn’t due to allergies or sinuses. If they are, the tightness in the ears will be somewhat relieved when you take a Sudafed or a Claritin. Make sure to consult with your doctor prior to taking any type of medication for this ailment.

You will also want to check your neck and shoulder posture. Are you slouching? If so, take note of this and practice better posture. If you can afford to get a massage, have a massage therapist work on trigger points on and around your head as well as your shoulders and neck.

Often muscles and nerves work hand in hand, therefore if you have any tension knots on your neck or shoulders this can aggravate blood flow. It can also lead to discomfort and extra tension in the neck and shoulders.


Plugged Ears/Clogged Ears

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