How Does THC React To High Blood Pressure Medicine?

How does THC react to high blood pressure medicine? Those who take medication for high blood pressure and have THC in their systems from prescribed or illegal drugs can suffer dire consequences. However, how THC reacts to high blood pressure medicine will depend on several factors, including how much THC is in the body and how it is taken.

THC is somewhat of an antagonist to high blood pressure medicine or can be. Hence, it can have the opposite effect and can work against it. Although high blood pressure medicine can decrease high blood pressure that may be brought on by THC, this action can be limited or restricted. Patients who are prescribed legal drugs containing THC, such as some cancer patients, may find it necessary that the physician change the dosage of one or both medications due to an increase or decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, THC doesn't have an exact reaction but can contribute to either the increase or decrease of blood pressure.

Studies indicate that participants in various trials have lowered their blood pressure from the use of THC, while other studies suggest that it causes an increase. It is important to note that the majority of these studies have been conducted with those who have existing health problems and that the route of the medication plays a vital role. Those that acquire THC in the body from smoking marijuana are also taking in various toxins, and the amount of THC cannot be specifically determined. In patients receiving chemotherapy, THC may commonly cause a decrease in blood pressure.


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